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Art Gallery - platsen för SKs medlemmar att presentera sig tillsammans med max 6 bilder och eventuell länk till hemsida.

Annette Johnnerfelt


Plejelvägen 23
239 31 Skanör

Mobil 0046 73 775 1608
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Hemsida www.svenskakonstnarer.se
Instagram johnnerfelt_sculpture

Annette Johnnerfelt is a contemporary ceramic sculpture artist and a sociologist (BSS). Her sculptures are linked to the individual in the society; she wants to bring a thought, a reflection and recognition by capturing a moment between two persons in a daily life encounter. Social networking on the Internet creates a connection between people and between different cultures. But the body language, an important part of human communication, is missing. The viewer creates the role of human relationships in his or her own life.

The natural power of the black stoneware reconnects to basic values. The structure has natural differences and hand built evidences are preserved. In the sculptures are an exciting balance between the Japanese traditions and the Western mind-set. She motivates the observer to self-fill the empty spaces and to catch the flow of emotions.     
As teenager Annette went to evening classes at University College of Art in Stockholm. Over the year’s professional courses in ceramic art in Sweden, USA, Japan and recently at Morley Art College in England. She has participated in group exhibitions in different parts of Sweden, and in Copenhagen, London, Paris, Brussels, Bologna, Tokyo, Yokohama and New York.    

  • 1-Crush
  • 2-Girlspower
  • 3-High-Five
  • 4-Negotiation
  • 5-HuffandPuff