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Art Gallery - platsen för SKs medlemmar att presentera sig tillsammans med max 6 bilder och eventuell länk till hemsida.

Kia Kinell


Beckbrännarbacken 3
116 35 Stockholm

Mobil: 070-7346148
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Hemsida: konst.se/kia

One might imagine that Kia Kinell is an unusually talented natural talent, who, given her second demanding professional life, can take a shortcut to her current artistic level. But it's not. Kia has developed her talent for a long time during training with contemporary Swedish artists and purposefully invested much of her time in training to refine her talent for watercolor and gouache technology. At the same time as acrylic painting begins to take place increasingly in the business.
Kia Kinell has a distinctly personal appeal in her painting. Her expression is, in her successful combination of drama and consistency, in my opinion, stronger than that most you see in her genre.
Bo Löfgren Artist, Stockholm

Du kan läsa om regelbunda målarkurser på Facebook, samt se Kias konst på hemsidan konst.se/kia
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